Domaine de Geffosses, hôtel et gîtes en Normandie

Le Domaine de Geffosses

In the heart of Normandy, close to Deauville, Honfleur, the Domaine de Geffosses has a central location, ideal for visiting Normandy, from Mont Saint-Michel to the cliffs of Etretat, through the d-day beaches...

Old farmhouse where Gustave Flaubert spent part of his youth, the Domaine de Geffosse is a soothing place where reigns a timeless atmosphere. The buildings with old charm have been converted into fully equipped cottages and hotel.

Location, Domaine de Geffosse, Pont l'Evêque


Gustave Flaubert

The presentation of the Estate can not be done without going back a little in the past and make a little history because the history of it is intimately related to Gustave FLAUBERT.

Domaine de Geffosses, whose foundation dates from 1787, date of construction of the Petit Manoir, was bought by Dr. Flaubert Achille Cléophas in 1829.

The Doctor's farmers always reserved for the young Gustave and his sister an empty apartment in Le Petit Manoir. Le Petit Manoir is located between Le Pressoir, the boiling and the donkey field. In Le Pressoir, below the estate, were extracted apples, the juice to make cider. At La Bouillerie, on the heights of the estate, cider was made into calvados.

Here are a lot of memories that Gustave was nostalgic about. Without ignoring the pleasures of the nearby beach and meetings that will later serve as pretexts for beautiful and enigmatic adventures, especially in his novel « Un coeur simple » in which Gustave Flaubert makes a precise description of the Domaine de Geffosses.

The legend of « Pecuchet » the donkey

The legend tells that the donkey of Domaine « Pécuchet » (still alive) would have inspired Gustave Flaubert in the choice of the title of his unfinished work "Bouvard and Pécuchet" ... Indeed, in 1872 Gustave Flaubert reported to George Sand of his desire to write a vast mockery of human vanity and to give as its title the name of his childhood donkey.

Walking through the estate, you can meet the donkey Pecuchet, he will perhaps be approached, possibly caressed and willingly accept a treat...


Abandoned for a few years, Le Domaine was renovated in the 90s. Today it is a place of life where guests are welcomed in search of authenticity and tranquility. Different accommodations are offered, lodgings, hotel rooms that are installed in the old Pressoir, the Petit Manoir and the old Calvados Bouillerie. You can stay alone, with family or group, for the time of a night, a weekend or holiday.

A few steps from PONT L EVEQUE, and a few minutes from the sea, Solenn and Stéphane are delighted to make your stay a moment of pleasure. Solenn and Stéphane offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an authentic setting with a "Just like at Home" spirit.

Passionate about their job as a hotelier and restaurateur for 20 years Solenn and Stéphane have embarked on the adventure of the Domaine since the summer of 2017. Both attached to Normandy and the Pays d'Auge, they fell in love with places and setting. Projects full head for the Domain, they decided to put their passion to the benefit of the welcome and well-being of their customers.

In a resolutely "Nature" approach, they manage the estate with a constant concern for the respect of the fauna and flora.

Always busy maintaining the Domaine or pampering guests ... They always keep a little time to take care of the legendary donkey « Pécuchet ».

Solenn et Stephane, new hosts of Domaine de Geffosses